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Write more, manage less

This post is intended to be short and to the point; it is not fancy or well written nor is it meant to be a masterpiece of modern blogging! It is just a statement, and hopefully a promise (to myself more than you my dear reader <-- singular I expect).

I have hosted a blog for many years (over on another domain name that we won't speak of for now); over those years I have written less than many posts. Many of those posts were written out of desperation at not having written many posts! I have decided that I want to write more; not because I think that people want to read why I write, more because I do enjoy doing it.

Writing detailed posts on a technical subject is fun (I am a geek, you should know this), and it encourages me to learn more about the subject, which in turn makes be better at what I do.

I am a software developer from the United Kingdom, I write mainly in C# using the .NET framework. I write web, desktop, mobile, back-end, services, database, and anything else I need to complete the task at hand and I like to believe that I am rather good at all of them (now if that isn't full stack then I don't know what is).

I promise to myself that I am going to write more posts; focusing on technical, development, and security subjects (likely with some random thrown in once in a while). So keep with me, the posts are likely to get better the more I write, I need to find my style and learn how to write strong coherent posts! I don't apologise for writing some lesser quality posts to begin with; that being said.... sorry!

If you are feeling unsuccessful just think about this: eagles may soar, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines. anon

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About James Chorlton

I am a software developer from the South-West of England; I mostly work in .NET (c#) creating desktop, web, service, and backend software for the Legal and Health markets.