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Modern Browser Security Reporting

I have written a few articles about 'Browser Security Headers' in recent months; I partly wrote them to encourage me to read more on the subject myself but I hope that someone starting off on the subject will find them useful. Rather than write another quick post on the subject I have decided to reference a new training video that Troy Hunt and Scott Helme have recently published on Pluralsight. For those who have not heard of Pluralsight before it is the largest (and in my opinion the best) online training resource for those looking to learn more about technical…

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IT Support Scammers

No matter how strong your technical security is (antivirus, firewalls, security headers, well-written applications, etc) there is always one sure route to failure, social engineering. If a privileged user can be convinced to perform nefarious acts on a system that system is compromised. That being said most professionals are not going to fall for that (although I know one who did fall for a variant the old Nigerian finance scam to the tune of several thousand pounds); the less initiated are a different story and we as IT professionals have a duty to help them! IT Support scams appear to…

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